Windows Live Mail
Najnovija verzija je 3.2
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Windows Live Mail Najnovija verzija 3.2

Windows Live Mail
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Windows Live Mail - Skini Windows Live Mail, verzija 3.2

Trenutno ne postoji recenzija za softver: Windows Live Mail, verzija 3.2.Ako želiš napisati svoju recenziju slobodno to napravi i pošalji nam je, a mi ćemo je objaviti ovdje.

Windows Live Mail employs a ribbon interface, reminiscent of Office 2010. This consists of a set of tabs that uncoil from the main icon, thereby condensing functionality. While familiar to most, it is not favoured by all. In its defence, however, this display enables the user to quickly switch between accounts and, once in a specific email account, there is little reason to leave that window as all the related functions are right there in the Home tab. Windows Live Mail provides a solid service and, if it appeals to you, you should really make the most of it while you still can. Microsoft have announced the discontinuation of Windows Essential, including Windows Live Mail so, unfortunately, there will be no further updates of this popular application. This is a bit of a shame as this a useful tool that amalgamates calendar events with multiple email accounts while additionally boosting the level of security across your accounts, whether they are Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Windows Live Mail also allows you to read emails and keep track of events even while offline. As a free application, this is a hard worker, doing most of the daily grind for you so you can freely communicate within a hassle-free interface. While the setup does take a few minutes, the application is easy to install and getting the email client up and running takes no time at all – just enter the account information and off you go.


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Opis Obnovite pen drive podatke koje ste izgubili Povećava performanse Windowsa i vaših aplikacija Hardver i softver Tweaker i optimizator za Windows Iskorištava mogućnosti za korištenje kursora miša koje nisu prisutne u Windowsu
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Operativni sustav: Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
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